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Thrive is paving the way for a better future for your well-being

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Being a client (or member) at Thrive means more than just seeing an individual therapist. You’re connected to a community of people working on their emotional wellbeing as well as a team of therapists dedicated to helping everybody at Thrive succeed.
Treatment modalities include but are no limited to:

EMDR and Sensorimotor

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Brainspotting, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Gottman Technique, Internal Family Systems, and Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy

Meet the Team

Arielle Bentley, LPC

Adolescent & Family

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Brock Anderson, BHT

Teens, Families, & Spiritual Reconstruction

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Cayla Gensler, LPC

Couples, Relationships, Codependency, Anxiety

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Caitlin Rudgear, LPC

Trauma, Body Image, Anxiety, Depression

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Colter Bloxom, LPC, Owner of Thrive

Anxiety, Shame, OCD

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Guillermo Palomino, LAC

Anxiety, Shame, Career, Sports

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Corey Harper, LAC

OCD, Adolescents, Men's Issues, Trauma

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Jason Ellis, LMFT

Adolescents, Outdoor Therapy

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Sarah Ells, LAMFT

Relationships, Trauma, Anxiety, Couples

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Claire Atenian, LMFT

Betrayal Trauma, Shame, Couples

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Gina Weisman, LMFT

Trauma, Anxiety, Relationships

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Lauren Mokarry, LPC

Trauma, Anxiety, Self-Esteem, Relationships

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Emily Adams, LAC

Grief, Anxiety and Life Transitions

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Rachael Plyler, Intern

Anxiety, Depression, Identity

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Jenna Daniel, LPC

OCD, Adolescents, EMDR

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Michelle Ellis, LAMFT

EMDR, Family Dynamics, Health Disparities, Relationships

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Nikki Schlundt, LPC

Anxiety, OCD, Self Esteem

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Troy Zaslove, LAC

Anxiety, Shame, Relationships, Depression

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Aaron Taliaferro, Intern

Anxiety, Depression, Self Esteem

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Our Process

Seeking out therapy can be a daunting task. Luckily this isn’t our first rodeo and we’re quite familiar with getting people connected to the right services.

We’ve got a team that is ready to speak with you today and offer an array of services: individual therapy, groups, family, couples, and intensive options.

Thrive’s membership provides additional support as an effective, low cost, and convenient option that you can access at anytime.

We free you up from needing to be an expert in mental health. You just be the expert in “you.”

Benefits of Membership

It is time to have a plan for your mental health.

Convenient, anytime, anywhere
Cost Effective
Made by Therapists


"Thrive saved my life, and I can never thank you enough"

"For me Thrive is like a hardware store. It’s where I come to get more tools."

"This place is special. It’s not like other therapy offices. There’s a communal feel and the staff really works together."

"Thrive is the place where I finally felt safe enough to actually heal."

"I know I matter, and belong here"

"My son was able to actually heal, after so many years of trying, and places we have tried. We are so thankful for you"

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