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In the past several years we have noticed a massive increase in demand for mental health services. Rather than sell people more and more therapy, we decided to create premium mental health content that you can access in your own home.

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Whether or not you know it, you wrote a book when you were younger on how to do relationships. Keeping notes on how to act during conflict and best practices for keeping a partner. The only problem is that you stopped writing this book around the age of 10 and have made very little updates to it.

Window of Tolerance

The window of tolerance is one of the most foundational concepts at all of Thrive. The more that we have dug into this subject, the more we see how paramount it is to positive mental health. The window of tolerance is for the most part what it sounds like. It is the brain and nervous system's capacity for managing stress. We each have our own window for different facets of life, and while we might have a high tolerance distress for a certain area, we may have a low tolerance in another area.


This course is for people who value healthy and fulfilling relationships. If you find yourself struggling to maintain boundaries in your interactions, feeling overwhelmed by the demands of others, or facing challenges in asserting your own needs and preferences, then this course is designed to provide you with invaluable insights and practical strategies.

Journey To The Core Self

We all have something that we keep in the dark, believing that if anybody knew this about me, it would destroy me. However, it's never that thing that destroys us, it's always the fact that we keep it in the dark. In this course we desire to show you how living our of a false sense of self creates disconnection from others.

The Gift Of Emotions

This course is for people who are seeking to enhance their emotional intelligence and gain a deeper understanding of what their emotions are communicating. If you find yourself navigating through the complex landscape of emotions and are eager to develop the skills to manage and interpret them effectively, then this course is tailored to meet your needs.


This course is for people who want to live an intentional life that is reflective of their values and would like some more structure on how to set up those values. This course is for people who are ready to embark on a transformative journey toward a more meaningful and fulfilling life using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). If you're seeking to break free from the constraints of avoidance, overcome internal barriers, and align your actions with your deepest values, then this course is designed to empower you with the tools and insights you need.

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