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This is the group you come to grab a new box of tools for thoughts and emotions. DBT group is an effective way to learn and practice managing emotions, handling stress, and building positive relationships.

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a modified type of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Its main goals are to teach people how to live in the moment, develop healthy ways to cope with stress, regulate their emotions, and improve their relationships with others.

  • Mondays | July 3rd for 10 sessions from 5:30 - 7 pm.
  • $500

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Why Groups Work

Perhaps you think the idea of joining a group sounds a bit intimidating. The truth is: IT IS! But we think we do some of our best work when we might feel a tad uncomfortable. We offer classes in a variety of different areas:

For those who are trying to learn more about themselves, go deeper, and enhance their toolkit on life.

For those who want to take their relationship from a 4 or a 5 to a 10.

Classes for as young as 2-5 all the way up to high school.

Classes focused around anxiety, depression, trauma, mood, OCD, and more.

FAQ about Groups

Why do I sign up for the entire 8 or 10 weeks? Why can’t I just come in every now and then?
What are the differences between a support group and Thrive’s groups?
Is group therapy as beneficial as individual therapy?
How do I know which group to sign up for?
What if I don’t like a group?

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