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May 3, 2024
November 1, 2024

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2024 dates and times:

September 13th 6pm-8pm

November 1st 6pm-8pm

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Group Description

Thriving Couples provides a monthly date night dedicated to intentional strengthening of emotional connection in your relationship! Thriving Couples is an on-going monthly workshop geared towards couples who want to obtain and practice the skills needed to deepen their bond, side step future arguments, and improve connection and intimacy. Healthy, long lasting relationships require investing intentional time and attention to the partnership. In each workshop, couples will receive brief education about common topics and issues that we find couples getting stuck in such as trust, intimacy, communication, and so much more!

Each workshop session will include an educational lecture, experiential activities to support play, bonding, and practice of new skills, and time for discussion.

Key Objectives:

  • Increase intimacy in your relationship
  • Build and refine effective communication skills
  • Improve conflict management
  • Experience playfulness together
  • Interact with others who share the value of actively nurturing their relationships

Thriving Couples Workshops are led by Cayla Gensler, LPC and Lauren Mokarry, LPC. Cayla specializes in working with couples through an emphasis on understanding attachment and how to engage with our partners in a way that feels consistently safe and secure. Lauren specializes in trauma-informed approaches to therapy and brings an integration of knowledge and skills to support increased self awareness, emotional regulation and new experiential opportunities to rewrite the ways we interact with ourselves and our partners. Cayla and Lauren utilize EFT (emotion-focused therapy) with integration of additional trauma-informed modalities as their primary approach to couples work.

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Perhaps you think the idea of joining a group sounds a bit intimidating. The truth is: IT IS! But we think we do some of our best work when we might feel a tad uncomfortable. We offer classes in a variety of different areas:


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Classes for as young as 2-5 all the way up to high school.


Classes focused around anxiety, depression, trauma, mood, OCD, and more.

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