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OCD group is a chance to do active exposure on your given theme of OCD as well as learn some new tools and skills to combat OCD. This is not a support group.

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February 6, 2024
March 26, 2024

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Tuesdays 5:00pm - 6:30pm

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Group Description

OCD group is a chance to do active exposure on your given theme of OCD as well as learn some new tools and skills to combat OCD. This is not a support group. A tertiary effect of group is being around people who experience the same sorts of thoughts and compulsions that you might and that can help diminish some loneliness. But we want this to be more than that. Our goal is that you walk away with a higher amount of bravery when it comes to facing your OCD. This group is for people who have received an OCD diagnosis and have some concept of how exposure and response prevention works. If you do not have an OCD diagnosis or have never done exposure therapy, but suspect that you might have OCD, please contact us and we would be happy to help you in that journey.

Group Objectives:

-Discover ways that OCD is keeping you from engaging in your life and reengage those areas

-Complete exposures in a developed fear hierarchy

-Define and direct your worst case scenario

-Learn the art of writing an exposure script

-Gain Acceptance and Commitment Therapy skills and learn three new defusion techniques

-Identify the difference between OCD’s values and our own values.

OCD Group is led by:

Jenna Daniel, LPC is an experienced OCD therapist with a trauma background. Jenna brings a high sense of structure and skilled learning to the group. She completed the BTTI in October of 2022 which is one of the most advanced OCD trainings offered in the country.

Colter Bloxom, LPC is fantastic anxiety and OCD therapist. Colter brings a fun and playful attitude to exposure and has a certain knack for being the voice of OCD. His goal is that you can learn to distinguish the difference between your own voice as well as OCD. He writes a really good exposure script, though you probably won’t like it.

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