10 Questions for Date | Episode 1

January 1, 2024

10 Questions for Date

We want to get to know people better, but ask questions that don't really get us the information we are looking for. Does knowing somebody's favorite movie or cuisine really tell you that much about them? What if we dug a little bit deeper..."When is the last time you cried and what was it about???" Now that will tell you a bit more about somebody.  

1. We describe 10 questions to ask on a first date.  

2. You can also use these questions in a long term relationship or as a table question with friends or family.

3. Learn about how the process in which somebody uses to answer the question is more important than the actual content of their answer.

4. Gain clarity of what you are looking for when trying to achieve with the information you are asking for.

Relatable is a Thrive Therapy Podcast hosted by Colter Bloxom, Lauren Mokarry, and Cayla Gensler. We are three licensed professional counselors running a therapy community in Phoenix, Arizona called Thrive. Our mission is to help you find the most connected version of your self.

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