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Therapy Course: Anxiety 1



Are you aware of what your anxiety is trying to tell you? Your first inkling might be, "yes, I know exactly what I get anxious about." But these are not the same things.

Most people are working to "get rid" of their anxiety. And if this is the case, this will probably not be the course for you.

But what if there was a way to find a better relationship with your anxiety? To gain further clarity on what it is telling you and how you want to respond? This course is accompanied with a workbook to help you understand and develop more tools on how to better relate to your anxiety.

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Therapy Course: The Gift of Emotions



Have you ever wondered what your emotions might be trying to tell you? We often know that fear is trying to inform us that danger lies ahead, but what about guilt, anger, or pain? In this course you will walk away with a new understanding of how your emotions are communciating with you.

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