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Thrive’s FREE mental health plan is unlike any other offering in the valley.

Our biggest goal for membership is to reduce the need for and cost of therapy. We believe that by taking an active approach to your mental health you will not need to wait until emotions bubble up and then get in to see your therapist. By staying on top of your emotional well being, you can enjoy a more steady ride in life and feel equipped to take on challenges that come your way.

Historically, our healthcare, including mental healthcare system has been set up as a more reactive approach. We go to the doctor when we are sick and we see our therapist when our emotions have gotten out of control. But what if we took a more proactive stance? What if by staying on top of it in small ways throughout the year we wouldn't find ourselves in need of therapy appointment out of nowhere.

Thrive’s mental health plan is about creating a valued life. It is about paving a way towards a better future full of good relationships, health connection to emotions, and purpose. Your approach to your mental health might be heavy and all encompassing or it might be light and breezy. The intensity of this plan comes from some self reflection and understanding what you need. We're happy to help you figure it out!

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