Window of Tolerance

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The window of tolerance is one of the most foundational concepts at all of Thrive. The more that we have dug into this subject, the more we see how paramount it is to positive mental health. The window of tolerance is for the most part what it sounds like. It is the brain and nervous system's capacity for managing stress. We each have our own window for different facets of life, and while we might have a high tolerance distress for a certain area, we may have a low tolerance in another area.

While we generally try and target our courses at given areas, this course is really for anybody! If you ever find yourself with an emotion that is driving you out of control, either to rage, fear, or shutting down, enhancing your tools and language around this area will be helpful for you.

In this course you will:
1. Learn to identify the different ways in which we move outside of our window.

2. Gain more understanding of what is happening physiologically when our emotions are moving us to a place of being out of control.

3. Find more resources on how to get back into your window when you have left it.

4. Identify differences in fight, flight, freeze, and collapse responses.

This course is led by Lauren Mokarry:

Lauren Mokarry is a Licensed Professional Counselor who earned her master’s degree in counseling from Grand Canyon University.  Lauren deeply values connecting with others on an authentic level and immensely respects the courage it takes to explore all that challenges us as we seek to find balance amidst paradoxical desires for individuality and connection, for novelty and stability, for protection and vulnerability. Lauren describes herself as a perfectionist in recovery who values helping others break free of rigid patterns in their own life. She leads several groups at Thrive including Trauma 101, Trauma 202, Emotions 101, and several book clubs.

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