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In this course you will walk away with a clarified view of your top ten values, examples of what they look like, and a playbook for determining when you are and are not living into those values. Most of us have goals for what we want our life to look like, but having goals without values would be like having a destination without directions. Which is fine if you are going somewhere you’ve been 100 times before. But if you are looking to create a life that is not exactly what you have right now, you need a well constructed and clarified set of values.

Grounded in the principles of ACT, this course goes beyond traditional self-help approaches by guiding you to:

  1. Construct Your Values: Explore what truly matters to you and gain a deeper understanding of your core values that will serve as the compass for your life choices.
  2. Take Committed Action: Develop a roadmap for translating your values into action, making deliberate choices that move you toward a life aligned with your aspirations.
  3. Learn How To Negotiate Values: Develop the flexibility to adapt and adjust your behaviors based on the demands of different situations, while staying true to your values.
  4. Create A Repeatable Plan: Take home a playbook to not only cultivate and construct your values, but audit them on a quarterly basis.

Whether you're facing transitions, seeking to improve relationships, or simply aiming to create a more fulfilling life, this course offers a comprehensive framework rooted in ACT to guide you toward your goals. By enrolling, you're investing in your own journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and a life enriched by what truly matters to you. Take the first step toward a valued and purposeful life today. Your path to a more meaningful existence starts now.

This course is led by Colter Bloxom:

Colter Bloxom is an Arizona native who earned his Master’s of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Denver Seminary. When working with Colter, you can expect somebody will “tell it to you like it is” but in a caring way. He has been the owner of Thrive Therapy for the past six years and is passionate about paving the way in mental health care. He sees the issues existing in mental health in culture today and is working every day to find news ways for people to engage in better and more cost effective mental health.

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