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Whether or not you know it, you wrote a book when you were younger on how to do relationships. Keeping notes on how to act during conflict and best practices for keeping a partner. The only problem is that you stopped writing this book around the age of 10 and have made very little updates to it. This is the same playbook that we bring into our adult relationships and we wonder why we are dissatisfied with the results. Perhaps it is because we are using a playbook written by a 10 year old.

Identifying our attachment style is the first step in healing our relationships. Without this knowledge we have little understanding of why we are withdrawing or criticizing in our relationship. Additionally, your partner most likely has the opposite attachment style that you have. Gaining a better understanding of how your partner is responding can help you to empathize with them more in conflict.

This course is lead by Cayla Gensler, LPC and EFT therapist. Cayla has hosted over ten Hold Me Tight workshops and leads the couples therapy team at Thrive.

In this course you will engage in:

  1. Understanding Your Relationships Better: By the end of the course, you'll have a clearer understanding of how your past experiences shape your relationships today, helping you improve them.
  2. Discovering Your Attachment Style: You'll learn to recognize your attachment style and how it impacts your connections with others, empowering you to navigate them more confidently.
  3. Improving Your Relationships: Gain practical tools to enhance your relationships with partners, family, and friends by tapping into your emotions and expressing yourself more effectively.
  4. Navigate Conflict Better: Gain insight into the cycle that you and your partner consistently engage in. Identifying this cycle gives us a better chance to get out of the same argument we constantly have.

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