What Does Perfect Cost You?

May 31, 2023

Have you ever thought about what your perfectionism is costing you?

One of my favorite principals that I not only use for my own business but I also work on with my clients is the "80% is perfect" rule.

Now, obviously some things need to be done perfectly, such as brain surgery and air traffic control. But writing emails, editing your website, setting up marketing strategies, and making phone calls do not need to be done perfectly!

You might even notice that sometimes my emails do not come out at the exact same time, or maybe I even have a typo in there. The reason for this is because I am busy and I have given up on being perfect. If I needed to do everything perfectly, I would not ever get these emails done. I can certainly guarantee you that my website never would have gotten done if it needed to be 100% perfect. Every picture on there is not the perfect picture and each word is not the perfect word. I can always go back and make edits later.

What in your life are you procrastinating on because of your need to do things perfectly?

Pick up the phone and call that person you need to! Submit your resume without it being optimized for the 100th time.

We all need an effective version of YOU that is moving forward. Not the version that is planning for hours and hours.

So, the next email that you send. Press send without re-reading it and live on the edge!

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