One Little Change

December 6, 2023

Alright, this might be the most simple blog that I will send out, so no excuses for not staying with me here.

As we are a just a few days away from the new year and you have either achieved massive success this year or abysmal failure with your goals, I have one small tweak for you to make. This can be either for an upcoming resolution or any other habit you are working on in your life.

When it comes to working on our goals, simply change your internal and external language from "I have to do this" to "I do this."

Research shows that it is much more empowering and you are more likely to follow through if you say, "I go to the gym three times per week" vs "I have to go to the gym three times per week."

This will help get you in the mindset of being somebody who accomplishes tasks because of who you are, rather than some sort of obligation.

So, what is it you do now?

Do you read more?

Do you now have an amazing relationship with your phone?

Do you stay calm in previously antagonizing situations?

Whatever it is, do it!

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