A Really Good Failure

August 28, 2023

For the past year or so I have been following a specific workout program. A lot of people follow my fitness advice because of my impressive stature so you might want to listen up.

The philosophy behind the program is to work up to doing one set for each exercise where you get to true failure. The coach might prescribe that you do 10 reps of a certain lift, but you only stop when you have hit true failure, whether that be before or after 10.

Surprisingly, it took me quite a while to understand this concept. I started using the notes section in my phone to track my progress and found myself often writing something to the effect of: "8 reps, really good failure."

Really.Good. Failure.

I never thought I'd use those words like that. But when I would find my true failure point, I would feel proud. Proud of pushing myself not just to the point of discomfort, but to the point that my body would give out. At this point I could have a new goal and find a new really good failure.

If you are never failing then you are never truly finding where your limits are. Growth happens not just in our discomfort, but beyond it. What sort of untapped potential might you be missing because you didn't want to reach absolute failure.

I've grown to be proud of my failures. It means I've pushed myself to the edge. After this, I rest and tell myself I am proud of myself for going as far as I absolutely could.

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