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Adolescent IOP has launched to a new location with new ownership. Please reach out to them at or call 602.935.4340 for more info.

Teenagers are already on a journey toward understanding themselves and their place in the world. Add challenges with mental health into the mix and it can feel like your family has been turned upside down. Supporting youth during this time of growth and development is both challenging and rewarding. When we engage in this work, it takes a whole team of parents, caregivers, and professionals to help teens continue to move toward health and development.

For teenagers who need more than once a week individual therapy, it can be hard for families to find groups or programs that are the right fit. At Thrive, our team focuses on providing individualized, holistic, and family involved treatment for teenagers who are struggling with the demands of everyday life. We offer a nine-hour per week program broken up over the course of three days. Our team of therapists creates a weekly schedule to help teenagers and families gain the skills they need to be able to regulate their emotions, find confidence in themselves, and have healthy relationships.

Core Elements


We combine top notch therapy with a relational component since teenagers need a different look.

Nature & Play

Photo of a group enjoying a sunset

Research continues to show that elements of nature are integral to healing in one's mental health


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Your teen exists in a larger system than just themselves. We incorporate the entire family.

Why Adolescent IOP Works

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Our therapists are passionate about supporting youth and families, and will take the time to learn about each family’s story and needs in a 120 minute intake. We then come together as a team to discuss individualized options for treatment, and match each client to the best therapist based on diagnosis specialty and personality fit.


Personal treatment plans


Curated Curriculum


Family Involvement

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